The Genius Retreat | Where high achievers reflect, renew, and refocus for 2021

The Genius


Where high achievers reflect, renew, and refocus for 2021.

June 17-19, 2021


December 2-3, 2021

A Virtual Wellness & Planning Experience

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You’re a genius, a real boss, a high achiever, who’s already asking yourself how you can make 2021 better than 2020. You have strong ideas about what you want to accomplish next, and you need a planning community that doesn’t have you wait until January to get started.

We’re ahead of the curve, and you can be too. Join us in December to review 2020, and create your plan to launch 2021 with intention, clarity, and momentum.

A Refreshing Approach to Organizing Your Genius

Celebrate yourself! You made it through 2020. You may not have ticked everything off your to-do list for the year, but you are here, sanity in place, and showing up for yourself, friends, family or work on a daily basis. Let’s finish the year with gratitude for all you made it through, all you managed to accomplish under immense odds and intense pressure.

I spent years trying to figure out how to achieve balance and happiness, but I was driven by the need to accomplish. I am a recovering workaholic. I didn’t know how to pace myself or slow down enough to acknowledge my accomplishments and replenish. In less than five years, I’d launched a 6-figure business, published two books, spoke to audiences of thousands, and signed a 5-figure annual licensing deal that circulates my career pivot program to 85k job seekers globally. Not to mention, I was rebuilding my life and finances after divorce.

It took a minor accident and a concussion to slow me down and to understand that my worthiness and success does not come from running myself to the ground. I could rest, pace myself, say ‘no’ to opportunities and still succeed — that’s the definition of thriving.

Now my desire is to help other high achievers understand what took me so long to learn. I want you to thrive as you release your genius to the world.

Hustle hard and grind culture is cancelled in 2020. It’s my deep conviction that we do not have to run ourselves down to achieve our goals and purpose. The Genius Retreat will help you slow down, gain perspective, and commit to the informative experience of discovering yourself and clarifying your plans.

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Dr. Fatimah Williams

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Learn How to Thrive While Accomplishing Your Goals

Sign up for The Genius Retreat to join a global community of high achieving men and women to decompress from 2020 and get organized for 2021 with grace, ease, and focus.

Gain the perspective and tools you need to work towards your most important goals:

  • Progressing in your career
  • Launching or growing a business
  • Conquering big writing projects

Organize Your Genius for 2021. Reflect, refresh, and reset for a powerful new year.

Retreat Schedule: Mentorship, Community, Resources

2020 showed us the need to manage change and adapt our strategies. Instead of creating a huge year-long plan, we’ll channel our energy into time frames that don’t overwhelm or cause pressure. Let’s gain momentum for 2021 and set up the first 90 days of the year for success.

Over the course of 2 days, you will join me and an amazing lineup of speakers and wellness practitioners, to:

  • Reflect on lessons learned from 2020
  • Create a 90-Day Plan to jump start your goals in the new year
  • Learn about the latest apps to boost your networking, career, and project management
  • Get unstuck on your important writing project

Retreat schedule will be updated periodically as we add guests & timings


7:00PM EST
Reflecting & Vision Setting:
Guided 2020 Review & Reflection Community BuildingVision Setting for 2021
Bring your Genius Retreat Workbook to this session.

Dr. Fatimah Williams







10:00 AM EST
Plan: Plan your 90 Day Sprint

Dr. Fatimah Williams

11:45 AM EST
Demo session: 
Delegate, eliminate and reduce with a customized tutorial from our guest productivity app.

12:30 PM EST
Breathe: Yoga Flow

Paris Alexander,
BK Yoga Club
Seen in Self Magazine, Vogue, Nike

Lunch Break: 1 – 2PM EST

VIP Experience: VIP ticket holders, check your Genius Gift Box for lunch break goodies & treats.

2:00 PM EST
Fireside Chat: Advance Your Career at Any Stage
Gain career clarity, improve professional opportunities, and end career discomfort.

Dr. Fatimah Williams,
Creator, Options for Success career discovery program.

3:00 PM EST
Fireside Chat: Get Published
Learn to start or get unstuck for your big writing project. Experienced pros share how to get your next article, chapter or book published.

Michelle Boyd,
Inkwell Academic Writing Retreats

Rebecca Pope-Ruark,
The Burnout Coach, 3x Author, Developmental Editor


Wellness Break: 4:00PM – 4:30PM EST
Take advantage of our guest meditation and lifestyle app.

4:30 PM EST
Fireside Chat: Monetize Your Thought Leadership through Entrepreneurship & Podcasting
Develop your personal brand, amplify your expertise then monetize it.

Lené Green,
The Goal Standard Podcast Celebrating 200k+ downloads! Reached #1 Apple Podcast in Business. Seen in Huff Post,

21 Ninety, & Black Enterprise.

5:30 PM EST
How to Keep the Momentum Going after the Holidays
Gain strategies to activate your plan in the New Year.

Dr. Fatimah Williams

VIP Experience: VIP ticket holders are invited to an intimate coaching session with Dr. Fatimah Williams in January 2021 to help you implement your 90-Day Plan and troubleshoot potential challenges to accomplishing your 90-Day Plan. You will receive a calendar invite after the Retreat weekend to select your preferred session time.




The Tickets

Expert advice, community, and planning while supporting physical and emotional wellbeing is more valuable than all these efforts pursued individually. Our 2-day retreat prepares participants to benefit and succeed throughout all of 2021.

Access $$ thousands worth of mentorship, support and resources for only $150.

General Admission Ticket

VIP Experience - 10 Tickets Only!

General Admission Ticket

Each ticket gives you access to:


  • Artisan-crafted gift delivered directly to you. My way of helping you unwind and refresh. (Mailing address requested at checkout so we know where to ship your gift.)

  • 2021 Vision Casting & Goal Setting2021 Vision Casting & Goal Setting workshops.

  • Create your 90-Day Create your 90- Day Plan to jumpstart 2021.

  • 2 Wellness Sessions

  • The Genius Retreat Digital Workbook, includes pre-retreat reflection activities and Vision Setting and 90-Day Plan exercises.

  • Digital Swag Bag with giveaways & freebies from our Retreat Partners:
    • BK Yoga Club
    • Podcast Launch Kit by The Goal Standard Podcast (valued at $ 35)
    • Inkwell Academic Writing Retreats

VIP Experience - 10 Tickets Only!

Want to get the most out of your Genius Retreat experience? Grab an exclusive seat in the VIP Experience, which includes:

  • Everything you get with General Admission

  • An intimate coaching session with Dr. Fatimah and the other VIP members to implement your learning and troubleshoot any future challenges to accomplishing your 90-Day Plan.  Scheduled in January 2021, after you’ve rested over the holidays. (Valued at $325/hr). 

  • A Luxurious VIP Gift Box delivered to your door, full of high-quality goodies to help you unwind before and after the retreat.

  • A Signed copy of the Professional Path ways Planner (annual 2021 planner, valued at $38)

  • $100 off the Options 4 Success career pivot program with Dr. Fatimah Williams.

Enjoy the holidays this year and rest easy knowing you

have 2021 already figured out.

Let us take care of you.

Our Retreat Partners

Explore our diverse team of thought leaders, mentors, and brands who will help guide you to a successful 2021:

Paris Alexandra


Lené Green


Michelle Boyd


Rebecca Pope-Ruark


Who is your host Dr. Fatimah Williams?

Fatimah Williams, Ph.D. is the CEO & Founder of Beyond the Tenure Track, a professional development and career-planning firm that prepares advanced degree holders for leadership roles and high-quality careers.

Her professional development guidance has been featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education, Scientific American, University Affairs, and numerous podcasts. She is a member of the Board of Managers of the University of Virginia Alumni Association.

Dr. Williams is the author of two books: Professional Pathways Planner and Be Bold: Launch Your Job Search or Career Change with Confidence. She is host of GradSchooled podcast on Spotify and Apple.

Enter a New Environment of Care and Community

After so much uncertainty and isolation this year, we all need care and community to renew. Plan to take 2021 by storm, but with the focus, ease and intention that you cultivate throughout the retreat. Gain clarity about what’s important to you and make a plan to accomplish it. Join a team of like-minded people who want to simultaneously succeed and thrive as much as you do.

The retreat may be virtual, but you still get to carve out space for yourself. Turn off notifications, send the kids to a trusted sitter, step away from email, and take a break from holiday planning.

I encourage all retreat attendees to take it one step further and book a night away at your favorite local hotel, cabin in the woods, or beach house.

You can have a refreshing and cocooning experience by entering a new environment.

Refresh, Renew, Reset!

Here’s what early bird registrants are saying about The Genius Retreat:

I want to invest in myself by intentionally recentering, elevating my practices, and continuing growing my capacity for excellence. As a PhD student and full-time student affairs
professional, Dr. Williams has been an incredible “possibility model” and I’m truly looking
forward to this curated experience!

Josh K.

Participating in the Organize Your Genius 4-week series gave me useful tools to unlock mental
blocks and realize that I needed to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I’m looking
forward to the Genius Retreat to help me hone in on my vision and plan for next year.

Yasmeena A.

I strongly believe in the power of incorporating mindfulness into an intentional lifestyle. We need goals and grace. I’m excited to attend the Genius Retreat to learn techniques to expand my toolkit for success.

Saira H.


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